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Butt Rewards

“For the best butt toning on two feet,” says walking pro Tina Vindum, walk for 5 minutes, do one of the supereffective shapers shown here, then repeat until you’ve done all four exercises. (If your route has hills, tackle these moves every time the path hits an incline — or a set of stairs — for maximum butt-blasting benefits.)


Skater Stride

Targets: Quads, butt, hips, obliques, back, and triceps

While walking, take a large step diagonally forward to the right with right foot, toes pointing forward (not to right). Sink into a lunge, bending both knees 90 degrees, as you bring left elbow toward right knee and swing right arm straight back. (Beginners, do a dip rather than a lunge.)

Press off left big toe to bring left leg forward, brushing it past right leg, then swinging it forward out to the left diagonal (like a speed skater) to plant left foot, toes forward.

Do 25 steps to each side, alternating legs.


Sumo Squat and Lift

Targets: Quads, inner and outer thighs, butt, hips, back, shoulders, and biceps

While walking, turn so that your right side is facing “forward” (or uphill), fists near hips.

Lift right foot, flexed, to take a large side step to right.

Lower into a wide squat as you lift both hands up in a wide V.

Rising up on right leg, lower arms as you lift left leg to side, foot flexed.

Step left foot next to right.

Do 12 reps; repeat with left side facing front.


Power Lunge with Leg Lift

Targets: Quads, hamstrings, butt, hips, arms, and abs

Walking, lunge forward with left leg, both knees bent 90 degrees (beginners, 45 degrees).

With hands in fists and elbows bent at 90 degrees, bring right fist toward nose, left behind you.

Shift weight onto left leg, straightening it; lower arms and lift right leg out and back on a diagonal as high as you can.

Bring right leg forward into a lunge; repeat on that side.

Do 25 reps per leg, alternating sides.


High-Knee Cross

Targets: Quads, calves, hips, butt, and abs

While walking, tighten abs and lift bent left knee as high as you can directly in front of you, coming up on right toes. Simultaneously bend right elbow 90 degrees, bringing it across body toward left knee. (Swing left elbow back to counterbalance.)

Hold for 1 count, then lower left foot to step forward. Repeat with right leg.

Do 25 reps per leg, alternating sides.

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30 Minute Workout

This total body circuit workout includes circuits for each muscle group: Chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core and lower body. Many of the exercises combine movements for both upper and lower body to save time and add intensity. This workout may take more than 30 minutes, depending on your rest periods.

Equipment Needed:

Various weighted dumbbells, bench, a step or staircase, a medicine ball and kettlebell (optional)

How To:

  • Begin with a 5 minute warm-up of moderate cardio
  • Perform the exercises in each circuit for the suggested time , completing 2 circuits
  • Move quickly between exercises, but rest when needed
  • Modify exercises to fit your fitness level. Skip any exercises that cause pain or discomfort

Chest Circuit

Chest Squeeze with Wide Squats and Squat Jumps
Stand with feet wide and hold a medicine ball or weight in both hands close to the chest, squeezing the ball. Keeping steady pressure on the ball, lower into a wide squat and come up, completing 4 slow squats, following that with 4 slow squat jumps while continuing to squeeze the medicine ball. Repeat, alternating 4 squats with 4 squat jumps for 30-60 seconds.
Walking Pushups

Begin in a pushup position with the left hand on a piece of paper, band or other marker. Perform a pushup and, as you press up, walk the hands to the left until the right hand is on the paper plate. Continue pushups, alternating walking the hands to either side for 30-60 seconds.
Low and High Flies
Chest Fly Chest Fly
Lie on a bench and hold weights over the chest. A) Lower the arms out to shoulder level, elbows slightly bent. B) Bring the weights back up, but at a lower angle so that the weights are over the hips. C) Lower the weights back down in a fly. D) Then lift them back over the chest. Continue alternating a regular fly with a low-angle fly for 30-60 seconds.
Repeat the circuit, performing the moves on the other side, for unilateral movements

Back Circuit

Side Lunge Row to Low Lunge Row

Stand with feet together, weights in each hand. Step out to the right into a side lunge and pull the arms up into a double arm row. Lower the weight, step back to start and take a small step forward with the right leg, lower into a low lunge and pull the arms up into a double arm row. Step back and repeat the side lunge row/front lunge row for 30-60 seconds on one side. Do the exercise on the other side in circuit 2.
Reverse Flies on One Leg
Stand 2 or so feet in front of a step or platform and prop one foot on it, bending forward (back straight, abs in) with weights hanging down. Squeeze the shoulder blades to lift the arms up to the shoulder level, elbows slightly bent. Lower and repeat for 30-60 seconds, switching legs on the 2nd circuit.
Circle Rows

Hold a weight in the right hand, palm facing the back of the room. Squeeze upper back to pull the arm up to shoulder level. Hold briefly and rotate the elbow next to the body, as in a regular row. Lower the arm on a slow count. Repeat for 30 seconds on each arm.
Repeat the circuit, performing the moves on the other side, for unilateral movements

Shoulder Circuit

Step Knee With Overhead Press

Hold weights at the shoulders and step onto a tall step or platform with the right foot. Lift the left knee as you press the weights overhead. Step down and take the right leg back into a reverse lunge, lowering the weights. As you step forward with the right foot, curl the weights back to the shoulders and repeat for 30-60 seconds on the right side. Do this exercise on the left during circuit 2.
Goblet Squat with Rotation

Hold a heavy weight or kettlebell (optional) in both hands at the chest. Lower into a deep squat, bringing the elbows to the inside of the thighs. As you stand up, take the weight overhead and rotate to the right, pivoting on both feet. Lower and repeat for 30-60 seconds on the same side. Do this exercise on the left during circuit 2.
Lateral Raise with Rotation

Stand with arms bent in front of you, palms facing up. Rotate the forearms out to the side and then lift arms into a bent arm lateral raise, tilting the weights down slightly as though you’re pouring from a pitcher of water. Lower and repeat for 30-60 seconds.
Repeat the circuit, performing the moves on the other side, for unilateral movements

Biceps Circuit

Wide Squat with Hammer Curls

Take the legs wide, toes out at a slight angle, weights in each hand with palms facing each other. Lower into a squat, as low as you can go, keeping knees in line with toes. Press through the heels to stand up while curling the weights into a hammer curl. Lower and repeat for 30-60 seconds.
Walking Lunges with Biceps Curls

With feet together, step forward with the right foot into a lunge and curl the weights up into a bicep curl. Step the left foot forward, lowering the weights, then step that foot forward into a lunge, again curling the weights. Continue alternating legs and curling the weights for 30-60 seconds.
Concentration Curls

Sit on a step or bench and hold a heavy weight in the left arm, elbow propped on the inside of the left thigh. Contract the bicep to pull weight towards the shoulder. Lower and repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides.
Repeat the circuit, performing the moves on the other side, for unilateral movements

Triceps Circuit

Bear Crawls to Triceps Pushups
Squat to the floor and walk your hands out until you’re in a plank position, placing your hands so that the forefingers and thumbs touch in a triangle shape. Bend the elbows into a triceps pushup (knees down for a modification). Walk the hands back to a squat and stand up. Add a jump at the end for more intensity. Repeat for 30-60 seconds.
Core Kickbacks

In a plank position, feet wide, hold a weight in one hand. Bring the elbow up next to the torso and extend the arm out into a kickback. Repeat the kickbacks while holding the plank position on the same side 30-60 seconds. Drop one knee down to the floor for a modification if needed. Do the move on the other side during the next circuit.
Dips with Leg Extensions

Sit on a step or chair, hands next to thighs, knees bent. Push off the step and bend the elbows into a dip. As you press up, extend the right leg, reaching for the toe with your left hand. Lower and repeat on the other side, alternating sides for 30-60 seconds
Repeat the circuit, performing the moves on the other side, for unilateral movements

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