Do You Eat More If Your Plate Is The Same Color As Your Food?

23 May

Pasta with pesto sauce, a traditional Ligurian...

Some researchers say changing the color of your plate can keep you from eating more.

A study in the journal of consumer research found people served themselves more food, if the plate color matched their food color.

Spaghetti with red marinara sauce seem to disappear on a red plate, but on a white plate the serving size looked bigger because of the contrast even if both plates are the same size.

Pasta with green pesto sauce on a white plate looked larger than on a green flowered plate.

The theory is: the more contrast, the less you’re likely to eat.

Researchers say the plate that helps you to eat the least amount is one that is blue, that color has the least appealing blend with food.

Just in case you don’t have a any blue dishes, just make sure you food does not match your plate.


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