Run A 5K With A Splash Of Mud

22 May

A mud run participant takes a tumble and slide...

I have officially completed my first 5K!  Yeah me!  This was no flat terrain, asphalt, train-on-a-treadmill run.  No, no, no.  The venue was situated on country farm land, donned with horse stables (watch your step), and consisted of rocky dirt back roads, 3-story-high hills, obstacles manned with marines shouting, “Go! Go! Go!”  Oh, and MUD…a lot of it.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Aug 13, 2011) Runners nav...

Mile 1:  I paced myself, slow and steady, naive at how easy the first mile had been.  Note to self #1:  You can do this!  Ahead was a seemingly large hill.  I overheard a fellow runner behind me coach his teammates to tackle the hill running up on their toes.  I studiously obliged and conquered the bump in the road on the balls of my feet.  Running down the hill, I hoped that my gasps of air weren’t as loud to my allies as they were to me.  I caught my breath and looked on ahead only to find yet another ghastly huge hill.  Ugh.  This time I walked up, flat-footed, finding any divot I could for moral support.  What was that whole toe thing for anyway?  Extremely hot and exhausted, a girl confided that the hills were the worst part of the race.  I cautiously believed her, using it as motivation to trudge on.  After a couple of standard obstacles, push ups and rope ladders, I noticed the approach of the first mud pit.  Fear brewed in the bottom of my stomach.  I was strategically eying a way around it, perhaps to chicken out.  No dice.  I dove to my knees and climbed under the ropes in the watery mud, paying close attention to keep my mouth tightly closed.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Aug 13, 2011) Runners nav...

Mile 2:  Note to self #2:  Pigs got it right!  Mud does cool you off.  With my new found second wind, I picked up the pace.  Slip sliding my way out of the mud pit I got back on course.  Passing up a group dressed like superman, I reminded myself of the undying determination I possess.  Note to self #3:  I too can be like Superman to get through this….<imagine cape on back>.

Lemoore, Calif. (June 11, 2005) - Participants...

Mile 3:  As I approached the obstacle course in last leg of the race, I started to question my trust in that girl’s affirmation of the hills being the hardest part of the race.  No sooner did the mud dry on my body had I been thrust, yet again, into a pool of mud.  Climbing under ropes, over hurdles and walls, and through muddy tunnels, I breezed through the last course with pure acuity.  I was thoroughly proud of my accomplishment, and as I crossed the finish line, was awaiting the paparazzi to photograph my triumphant finish.  What?  Stirred back into reality, I gracefully and gratefully accepted my much earned dog tags and headed toward the make-shift showers to hose off.  I did it!

Note to self #4, 5, and 6:  Next time don’t wear shorts with pockets as the mud accumulates in them and wears you down;  Don’t wear shorts (no explanation needed); and train, train, train, and train some more.

When I returned home, I showered, took a much needed nap, then bathed in Icy Hot….repeatedly.  Oh, and I found some other mud runs to accomplish.  What can I say?  I’m hooked!



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2 responses to “Run A 5K With A Splash Of Mud

  1. Jennirific

    May 22, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    congrats on your first 5k! i have friends who have done the tough mudder and it looked crazy for sure, lol. good luck in the future 🙂


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