Yoga 30-Day Guide

10 May

Provides a 30-day calendar with a different pose/stretch for each day.  Great guide!

1:  Stretch Your Back
Try Triangle pose (left) and Thunderbolt variation to beat neck pain due to stress and chronic tension


First thing in the morning


To most of us, a fit body is defined by muscles. But what good are six-pack abs and big biceps if your back is so stiff that you move like an 80-year-old? The structural integrity of your body starts with your backbone. This stretch, called Cat-Cow, helps improve the spine’s range of motion so you can move with agility and without pain.


Come to your hands and knees, and then inhale as you look up and arch the spine down toward the ground. Exhale as you look down and arch the spine up like a cat. With smooth, fluid movements, continue this rhythmic motion for 2 to 4 minutes. When you’re finished, lie down on your back for a few minutes and relax.


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