March 1st – How History Made My Today’s To-Do List

02 Mar

Month of March: American Red Cross Month, Berries & Cherries Month, National Kite Month, and National Women’s History Month (to name only a few)

Week: Festival of Owls week is the 2nd to the 4th

1963 “Walk Like A Man” by the Four Seasons was #1 hit
1995 Yahoo incorporated
Birthdays: Alan Thicke, Ron Howard, Justin Bieber
National Horse Protection Day
World Compliment Day

So today I will eat some berries, fly a kite, donate to the Red Cross, twitter to Alan, Ron and Justin ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes, search Yahoo on appropriate compliments that I will give to the wonderful women in my life while I listen to the song “Walk Like A Man”, give tribute to great horses out there by watching “Seabiscuit” (again….I love that movie), whilst giving a hoot to the cardinals in my back yard, asking them to pass the love on to their friends, the owls.

Tomorrow I will work out……

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Posted by on March 2, 2012 in Health and Science


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